The Union for African Population Studies is delighted to announce the poster winners from the 8th African Population Conference. Below are the winners according to poster session. Please click on the poster title to see the content. UAPS congratulates all winners!


Poster 51
Name: Elhakim A. Ibrahim &  Sunday Adedini
Title: Explaining Neonatal, Perinatal and Childhood Mortality Risks in Nigeria: Does Child’s Risk Status at Birth Matter?

Poster 59
Name: Bernard Kiprotich
Title: The Role of Men in Family Planning: An Examination of Determinants of Male Involvement in Family Planning in Kenya

Poster 60
Name: Ofile Lesotlho
Title: Factors Influencing Womens Perceived Sexual Self-Efficacy in Botswana: An Implication for HIV Intervention Programs


Poster 34
Name: Marie Laure Essis & all
Title: Déterminants du recours aux méthodes contraceptives chez les femmes en âge de procréer du nord de la Côte d’Ivoire

Poster 63
Name: Antony Okundi
Title: Universities as Vanguards of Urban Revitalization: Satellite Campus Development in Nairobi Cbd, Kenya

Poster 64
Name: Caleb Ongong’a
Title:  Status of Fertility Transition in Kenya Based on Completed Parity Distribution


Poster 74
Name: Joshua K Wilde
Title: Missing Women, Sex-Ratios at Birth, and the Demographic Transition

Poster 25
Name: Nsabimana Loïc
Title: La vulnérabilité des personnes vivant avec Handicap à l’égard de l’infection au VIH à Bujumbura

Poster 15
Name: Claire Jensen & all
Title: Drivers of and Solutions to Teenage Pregnancy and School Dropout in Malawi: A Qualitative Study


Poster 60
Name: Philipp Ueffing & all
Title:  Increased Contraceptive Prevalence or Population Growth? Decomposing the Gains in the Number of Women Using Modern Contraceptive Methods between 2000 and 2030

Poster 54
Name:  Habib Tchoubou Foba
Title: Facteurs explicatifs de la non implication des hommes dans la promotion de la planification familiale au Tchad

Poster 56
Name: Achille Tokin
Title: Evolution des influences contextuelles de l’utilisation de la contraception moderne chez les adolescentes   ruraux au Bénin