All participants including session organisers, chairs, discussants, chairs and presenters are required to pay the registration fee.  The conference fee goes to support cover the cost of organising the conference and ensuring viable functioning of UAPS services and activities post conference. Some of the activities covered include:

lanning and coordinating logistical services for attendees (snacks, conference bags and badges, translation services.
Managing the conference webpages, online registration software and process including pre, onsite and post conference work, as well and staffing to organise and manage conference activities.
Soliciting, managing and coordinating the exhibition and related programming.
Promoting the conference via media, website and documentation development and distribution.

Membership Dues
UAPS members with unpaid dues as of 2017 will be registering under the category of Non -Members. UAPS members who would like to pay their dues prior to registering for the 8th APC should contact the UAPS secretariat regarding their membership fees and status.

Fees and Deadlines
All fees are in US Dollars. Participants should pay the US Dollar equivalent of their currencies at the time of payment. We recommend that participants pay their fees in time to facilitate programming of the conference.

(ends Sept 15, 2019)
(ends Oct 15, 2019)
(ends Nov. 12, 2019)
UAPS Members $ 300 $ 330 $ 365 $ 415
(includes UAPS members with unpaid dues)
$400 $450 $ 500 $ 550
Population scientists residing in Uganda * $ 200 $ 250 $ 275 $ 305
Full-time students enrolled at a Ugandan University * $ 80 $ 100 $ 120 $ 150
UAPS Student Members * $ 100 $ 130 $ 165 $ 215
Accompanying Person Package (eg a spouse of a participant who has paid their registration) $ 100 $ 130 $ 165 $ 215

*must provide proof of residency or studentship
Participants will receive an email confirming registration once their fees have been received.

Please note that apart from Ugandans, priority would be given to those who pay their registration fees before October 30 to have their names in the program.

Only authors who have confirmed their registration by paying the registration fee would be included in the program and book of abstracts. Hence we encourage all authors including those in Uganda to pay their fees by October 30 2019.