In line with the constitution of the Union for African Population Studies (UAPS), the election of the next Council will take place during the Union’s General Assembly at the 8th African Population Conference (APC) to be held in Entebbe between 18 – 22 November 2019.

In order to provide more time for UAPS members to explore various candidates and enhance efficiency in identifying suitable candidates to vie for various positions on the Council, the UAPS Council and the Nominating Committee would like to open the nomination process ahead of the 8th APC.


  1. The Vice President (Anglophone)

As per Article 9 of the UAPS Constitution, “the President and the Vice-President shall not be of the same linguistic community” thus the next Vice-President should be an Anglophone.

  1. The Secretary General
  2. The Treasurer
  3. The Representative for Central Africa
  4. The Representative of West Africa
  5. The representative of East Africa
  6. The Representative of Southern Africa
  7. The representative of North Africa

More details about the responsibilities of the Council members, as defined in the constitution, are reproduced below.


To be officially nominated for election for any position in UAPS Council, the candidate must fulfill the following:

  1. Must have been a member of UAPS for at least 2 years
  2. Must be nominated by a minimum of five (5) fully paid up members of UAPS from different
  3. Must have strong interest and passion in contributing to enhancing the effectiveness of UAPS and be prepared to commit ample time to fulfill the designated responsibilities for the position he/she is vying for.
  4. Must be a renowned expert to peers in his/her area of specialization in the population and development field.


Interested candidates should submit an application via email to the UAPS Secretariat ( with the Subject Heading “Nomination for 2019 Council Elections”.

The application should contain the following information:

  1. Full name,
  2. Institution and Position,
  3. Date of Registration as UAPS Member
  4. Position for which he/she is applying
  5. Brief biography (maximum 300 words) including a photo
  6. Brief motivation for the application, stating what the applicant wishes to accomplish if elected (maximum 3000 words).
  7. Personal details (Full Name, Institution and Position; and Date/Year of Registration as UAPS member; Email address; Phone Number) and signatures of the five nominating

Candidates who fail to include all the required information will be disqualified.

17th November 2019


Applications will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee, which has been appointed by the UAPS Council and will be chaired by the immediate Past President of UAPS, as provided for in the constitution. The Committee will verify that each candidate meets the required qualifications and has provided all the application information. It will take the ultimate responsibility for determining the final list of candidates to be listed on the ballot paper for elections, and function as the returning officers during the actual elections to be held during the forthcoming General Assembly.

The 2019 Nominating Committee consists of the following individuals:

  1. Jean-Francois Kobiane (Chair) –
  2. Charles Mouté (Representative of Central Africa) –
  3. Moussa Bougma (Representative of West Africa) –
  4. John Mushomi  (Representative of East Africa) –
  5. Mr Jabulani Msomi (Representative of Southern Africa) –
  6. Chaimae DRIOUI (Representative of North Africa) –

Article 11 (UAPS Constitution)

Powers and obligations of Council Members

President shall:

  1. Preside over all meetings of the Council and the General Assembly
  2. Be responsible for the Union. He/she is assisted by other Council members and the Secretariat
  3. Act on behalf of Council in signing legal documents and contracts (e.g. contract for the Executive Director) or in case of emergency when decisions need to be made quickly
  4. Ensure that Council, Bureau and General Assembly meetings take place as required by the Constitution or agreed upon by the Council
  5. Support the Secretariat to mobilize resources for the Union
  6. Delegate duties to any member of Council as he/she deems necessary
  7. Work closely with the Executive Director to ensure that activities of the Union are implemented according to approved work plans and

Vice-President shall:

  1. Deputize for the President in his or her absence
  2. Be the chair of the African Population Conference and other scientific activities of the
  3. Undertake any other duties or activities delegated to him/her by the President and/or the Council

Secretary-General shall:

  1. Be the custodian of minutes of the General Assembly, Council and other official meetings;
  2. Communicate with members on issues relating to the Union or oversee such communications from the Secretariat;
  3. Assist the President to implement decisions of the Council and the General Assembly;
  4. Prepare reports on the activities of the Union in collaboration with the Secretariat;
  5. Undertake any other duties or activities that will be assigned by the President, Council and/or the General Assembly.

Treasurer shall:

  1. Supervise the accounts and finances of the Union
  2. Prepare and present financial reports of the Union to the General Assembly
  3. In collaboration with the Executive Director, in exceptional cases be signatory to cheques in the absence of the responsible program
  4. Undertake any other duties or activities that will be assigned by the President, Council and/or the General Assembly

Regional Representatives shall:

  1. Promote activities of the Union within the regions they represent;
  2. Mobilize members in their respective regions and update them of development in the
  3. Collect membership dues in their regions, when the need arises, and forward the amounts to Headquarters.
  4. Create, maintain and update regularly a database of members within their regions;
  5. Facilitate networking and collaboration among members and with national and regional population associations within their regions;
  6. Identify and register new members subject to the ratification of the Council;
  7. Represent UAPS in national and regional population activities in their regions.
  8. Ensure communication and co-ordination of activities of the Union within their
  9. Report all regional population activities to Council;
  10. Undertake any other duties or activities that will be assigned by the President, Council and/or the General Assembly.